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Ensconce Sans

Taking inspiration from the Univers family of typefaces, Ensconce is a project undertaken to recreate in a digital format the work originally performed by GIRVIN | Design for the English branding of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Expanding upon it to allow use in more than just logos or headings, lowercase has been added as well as numerals and punctuation, and basic kerning has been tweaked so a variety of text styles are available for design purposes. Taking great measures to retain the design choices of the original logotype, Ensconce has been successfully used to recreate the SNES logo currently in use on Wikipedia!

Try Ensconce Sans DEMO version today!

Note: Demo version only contains ASCII glyphs and may not be representative of the final, commercial product.

Until I have something more legalese, consider the following conditions:

  • personal use is ok,
  • redistribution is only by my explicit permission,
  • commercial use is not supported by me and is at your own risk (e.g. if you use it and someone complains you used it badly I probably won't listen to requests to "fix" that issue for your specific commercial usage, and I'll probably laugh at you for "using it badly"),
  • distributing modified copies is not ok,
  • and any later updates to the font, the license, or both will supersede earlier versions unless otherwise noted.
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